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MAR 26

 Date set to leave

  posted by admin on March 26, 2010 13:58 as General

The date has been finalized and it is getting close. I set out on April 14th and will be staying one day and two nights at the start of the trail in Camp Henlopen before setting out on April 16th.

Just getting travel setup to the starting point was again harder than I thought it would be. I suspect that will be, again, just the start of many surprises to expect or at least manage along the way.

First it's a one way flight so I starting looking at one way flights.. seems logical. Nope. All of the one way flights had at least two plane transfers and the vast majority of them included three transfers, around 14-18 hours flying. The plane transfers were before an obligatory train ride as well. Once the train ride is over then are good right... Nope. The train doesn't stop come near the town I need, it just goes to the same state.


I went back and looked at round trip flights and low and behold I could get a direct 2-3 hour flight to Newark for just about the same price as a 14-18 hour lose your baggage plane switching nightmare. I just won't take the return flight back but I will use the direct flight out to Newark.

From Newark I hop a train to Wilmington DE and then take a DART bus to Lewes DE. The bus does include three transfers but there is no getting around that. I couldn't find any other way to get there and with the confusion of the DART schedule.

I wouldn't have figured that out without help of Barbara at the Lewes DE. Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. She was really very helpful and nice to talk to, they should give her a raise. Thanks again for the info Barbara it was a big help. If you can't figure things out, ask somebody whose local. If none of them know.. well then your hosed.

I originally tried to catch Greyhound from Wilmington to Lewes but they don't go anywhere near there. I thought they went everywhere but I guess not. I wasn't all that disappointed though because I rode greyhound once when I was in the Army on my way back from my posting in Korea to my next duty station.

I had arrived in St. Louis off a military transport still being green enough to expect that since I was going straight from one duty station to another the trip would be set up entire way. Nope. The airport was shutdown because of snow and it was late so I went looking for Greyhound. They did go to my next duty station in LA so I grabbed a ticket and settled in for what I thought would be a quiet sightseeing trip. Nope.

The bus driver got on started yelling that he was off duty police officer and not to talk to him, approach him and if anybody caused problems he would arrest them. That was not a good sign. Sure enough not long after the bus took off the crazies starting talking to each other and everybody else.

I decided to sleep through it or just keep my eyes closed the entire 20 some odd hours the bus trip took, they make a lot of stops. Even with my eyes closed crazy people were still trying to talk to me but after odd insults here and there directed at me they left me alone. I had to keep from laughing listening to all the crazy talk flying around. I remember one guy who said he liked to travel in disguise on Greyhound. He said he was currently in disguise and was on his way back from vacationing in Florida to his mansion in Beverly Hills. No matter that we were traveling east and he would have needed to be traveling west the entire way.

About halfway into the trip another passenger got on board. He had the same general look as Charles Manson just a larger version, crazy hair, crazy look but with a large cross tattooed on his forehead. The bus went silent went he came on board, he was a scary looking dude. Apparently he was the king of the crazy people because they felt the need to be respectfully silent around him. That lasted for about a half an hour when they all must have received secret transmissions from him that it was o.k. to commence with operation crazy time. King crazy started ranting and his loyal crazy subjects flew off into their own weird and wonderful worlds. Basically in the end I was glad to get off that bus and vowed to never ride one again. Luckily Greyhound does not go everywhere. My next bus trip couldn't be that bad... no way, at least I hope so.

Words for the day brought to you by the letters N and C: Nope and Crazy.   

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