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APR 27


  posted by admin on April 27, 2010 20:42 as General

   It's been a rough few days with all the rain. Sunday there was a pretty bad thunderstorm all night. I had to re-adjust all the gear in my tent to keep the floodguards propped higher up so all the rain wouldn't get in my tent throughout the night.

On Monday I had to pack all my gear while it was raining and my tent was wet and soaked in mud. I had to get everything packed away before the inside gear in my tent got soaked also. Once packed it felt like I was carrying an additional ten pounds.

As I started on the trail large parts of it were giant mud puddles and it didn't take long before my boots and socks were soaked through. It was a long hard slog. The only good thing about the rain was that it kept the mosquitoes away. When I finally got to my campground it was still raining and I was the only person camped there. I still had to set everything up in the rain. At this point I was pretty cold and tired. Once I got my tent up I had to use my towel to wipe up the inside of the tent. I tried to wring out my wet clothes but it was futile. After I changed into dry clothes and ate, the rain finally stopped. I tried to call home but I couldn't get through so I must've been in some kind of dead spot.

After laying in my sleeping bag reading for a while I heard a man and woman enter the campsite. They hung out around the campsite for about an hour and circled my tent twice. I heard them check out the latrines. Then I heard the guy say "Someone left it here". and the woman said "No don't". He said "Well if they left it here too bad it's mine now" and she said "They might come back". As he got close to the tent I saw his arm come near and I loudly said "Or they could still be inside the tent". I heard the guy say "That's awesome" and was quickly walking away. I climbed out of the tent in my Under Armor pants and shirt standing with my bare feet in the mud. Then he waved at me and I said "Are we going to have a problem here?" He said "No problem here", turned around and kept going. At that point I didn't say anything else to them I just stood there for a minute and waited for them to walk away before getting back into my tent. Without cell phone service I didn't want to take the chance of escalating the situation further. I figured maybe startling him and having him see some crazy person standing in the mud wearing a pair of running tights might've done the trick.

That led to a pretty sleepless night constantly worrying that they or their friends were going to come back throughout the night. I finally slept better once it started raining again because I figured even thieves don't want to be in the rain just as much as I wouldn't want to be.
On to a happier subject: my feet. After a whole day of slogging through the rain and having my feet soaked through, even I was unprepared for what I saw when I took off my hiking boots. I wasn't sure if I had switched feet with an old man or with Golum after he had been swimming all day to catch fishes. I've never seen my feet so pale and wrinkled before - it was almost disturbing. Luckily by the next morning they were good to go. Fortunately my toe is still purple. =) 

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