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MAY 17

 A plague upon thee

  posted by admin on May 17, 2010 9:47 as General

So when you are sleeping outdoors in a tent you hear all kinds of noises at night. Many of the noises you can identify, others are weird and occasionally creepy. I have been waken up at night by large birds, think geese type of large that sound very loud at night. I have waken up to what sounded like the swamp thing getting in or out of the river in the middle of the night but was probably a smallish animal amplified by the quieter night. There have been sort of howling/ish noises that I couldn't quiet identify. The howlish noises didn't sound quite like a dog, not like any coyote noises I have heard but whatever I just wanted them to stop waking me up since I sleep lightly out here. Then there was the noise I heard last night outside my tent, footsteps.

There isn't much chance you will mistake the sound of footsteps coming up on you in the middle of the night. So after the initial adrenalin rush and quietly reaching for my protective equipment, I wait. Why do I wait rather than make noise and scare them off..? Because I don't know for sure what they are doing, if there is more than one of them doing it, how they are going to approach me or if making noise would even scare them off. So I wait for them to get closer, fix exactly where they are, wait for them to commit and then I can react to it as I think is best. But what if they have a gun...? Well I would be pretty much screwed anyway if they did, so I hope they don't.

The footsteps kept coming closer to me after a pause, they were probably waiting and listening for me. They were nearing up around my head, the spot I least wanted since I was still lying on my back. The steps came up to my tent then.. a short psshhtt.. then a quick set of steps around the side of my tent and another short psshhtt... Then the steps retreated and at that moment I recognized my attacker, man's best friend and he had just peed all over my tent.

Oh you might not mistake the sound of footsteps but if you only hear some of those footsteps as they trod on something that makes noise you might mistake a dog for a person trying to be sneaky... I think he approached with just a bit a caution but after he had once again staked out his territory he sounded as if he was sauntering off, confident of his place. Why shouldn't he be..? He had just peed all over a human, or at least his tent, probably the same thing as far as he was concerned.

I think I know why he did it though. In my last post I mentioned making the kids sleep with the dogs. Obviously this pissed off the dogs and they are sending me a warning a plague/pee upon thee. Dogs are man's best friend and part of the family.. even so they refuse to share their space with some kid while he is whining. I apologize to all the innocent dogs out there, please don't make your kid sleep with the dogs. Toss the kids in an empty field or something for the night. There, now I have apologized nobody should take offense anymore.

So lets recap so far on the journey. I am around 450 miles down, met some nice/friendly/kind and crazy people, had someone try and steal my stuff, rained on way to much, been peed on, been soaked, cold, sore, tired, hungry, happy and pissed off. So far it's been a rousing success.

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[ Posted by Lou and Rob, May 18, 2010 16:17 ]
     Every day's an adventure!

[ Posted by Bill Edwards, May 20, 2010 18:58 ]
     You had me going there Ken..nice post. I do recall past negative comments you made on small furry animals...I would watch you back.

[ Posted by Ellen prediger, May 22, 2010 8:01 ]
     Peed on! That's a great story. Think of all these stories you will have to tell and write about for years!

Bet NOW you're appreciating some rain - to wash the pee off the tent? At least you haven't had any skunk experiences yet, no?

We're thinking about you down here in sultry Texas. Little to no rain here, but the oven's been turned on!

Continue to follow you across the the continent. Thoughts are with you!

Fondly, Ellen Prediger

[ Posted by Ellen Prediger, May 22, 2010 8:03 ]
     BTW, Can't get your website to come up using Mozilla. Have to use MS Explorer.

[ Posted by Lou and Rob, May 29, 2010 20:40 ]
     Dude - you are overdue for an update!!! What's up!

[ Posted by ken keeler sr., June 01, 2010 20:49 ]
     Kenny you are past due for an update where are you at.

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